I'm Here for You

I started renovating my first home before I was 21. Since then I have developed a passion for owning homes and helping others do the same. I have been fortunate enough to own homes in some of the more prohibitively priced places in our country. It was not always easy and sometimes even heartbreaking. Due to highly competitive markets we have been outbid on 4 homes and have walked away from another two.

We have lived in areas where buyers are absurdly advised to wave inspections because of competitive nature of the market. We have spent thousands on screening homes that we have lost to competition or walked away from.

It’s from those experiences I hope to change home inspections one client at a time. 

X-Factor Inspections, LLC is the solution to all your home inspection needs whether you’re a first-time buyer or you regularly relocate. I take great pride in providing my clients with the best value for their dollar while ensuring superior service. You will enjoy consistent communication throughout the process from scheduling the inspection through report delivery. Every inspection no matter the size or condition is reviewed thoroughly and with the latest technology including thermal imaging. I review pictures and findings with each client at the end of the inspection and deliver a personalized digital report within 24 hours. My goal is to establish a lasting relationship so that the next time a client has an inspection need there is no question on who to trust. Inspection Rates start at just $250.