"With You All the Way" Pricing

First-time home buyers: 25% off regular fee.  

Clients who live in competitive markets enjoy:

  • Full Inspection with verbal summary at 50% of the regular fee. (This helps buyers who need to determine if a home is worth putting in an offer in areas where they can expect to compete with multiple offers.) 

  • If your offer is accepted, you'll pay the remaining 50% and receive the full digital report and all the included services.

  • If you decide to walk away from a home because of the findings of the inspection, or your offer is not accepted, you still get the same pricing for the next one and the same thorough inspections. 

​Clients always get lifetime service and consultation.  

  • Need someone to check the quality of a new roof install because you’re not a ladder person. I’m here.  

  • Replaced your HVAC and want to make sure it’s right? I’m here.  

  • Have a question about a home system or updating an appliance?  I’m here. 


Base Pricing


<1400 sf


1401 - 2400 sf


2401 - 3000 sf


3001 - 4000 sf


4001-5000 sf


5001 - 6000 sf


Base Pricing




$275 per unit

Multi-unit, non-commercial




Structure 30+ years old

Built before 1991


50+ miles travel

$50 ea.

Detached Structure

Workshop, Garage, etc.



Has work from previous inspection been completed properly?


Log Homes Base plus

Base Pricing

New Home Warranty Inspections


25% Off

For all veterans and school teachers.

Thank you for your service to our country and our children.